• Which services does eWarehousing offer?

    – eFullfillment services: pick, pack, ship, returns
    – Warehouse service. Your goods are stored in our warehouse close to Rotterdam.
    – Customer service center. Your consumers will experience the full professional customer service by our dedicated team

  • Do I have to use all services of eWarehousing

    At eWarehousing you decide which services you require.

  • Does eWarehousing have a warehouse where I can see the products in the storage?

    As customer of eWarehousing you’re always welcome to see your own products on our warehouse.

    eWarehousing BV
    Nijverheidsweg 27
    3274 KJ Heinenoord

  • How do I become a customer of eWarehousing

    You can call us via +31 (0)18 – 66 12 267. You can also send a mail to info@ewarehousing.nl or fill in the form at the contact page

  • What are the costs of the services of eWarehousing

    Every webshop has their specific needs, assortment, volume, type of products etc. It is therefore difficult to say exactly what the cost will be. We welcome your request for proposal by phone+31 (0)18 – 66 12 267 or e-mail info@ewarehousing.nl. Any information you can share will make it easier for us to give you an exact quote.

  • Are my goods securely stored?

    eWarehousing workes out of a very secure warehouse. The entire facility is fenced and guarded by camara’s and staff. We work with a fixed group of people that are dependable. Our procedures are there to ensure no risk to your products.

  • How do you manage (eWarehousing) returns?

    On your webshop you place a link to the returnspage of eWarehousing. Your customer notifies us which products will be returned and receives a direct confirmation plus a printable addresssticker. The customer ships the returns package and as soon as we receive it we will check its’ content. If all is ok we will book the goods back into your stock for resale.

  • Is it possible to have specific wrapping?

    Yes, we provide customer specific wrapping, flyers or marketing materials.

  • What happens if I add products to my assortiment?

    As soon as you make assortment changes eWarehousing will be automatically notified.

  • How does communication work between me (the customer) and eWarehousing?

    Most of the communication will work through the portal and app, which makes things efficient for both parties. Of course, you can call our team of specialists at any time should the situation so require.

  • Isn't outsourcing more expensive than doing it myself?

    Often a customer finds he is saving money when outsourcing to us. Customers will benefit from the scale volumes in shipping. They also won’t need to hire staff and rent warehouse space based on their peak volumes. You only pay what you use.

  • What happens in case of mistakes?

    The team of eWarehousing, the IT and procedures ensure a very low error percentage. On average 99,92% is picked and shipped correctly. If any mistakes are made, we will ensure a timely and effective solution at our expense.


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